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Clients are required to produce the following documentation in the appointment

check_circle ID Card of Applicant(s)
check_circle Driving Licence of Applicant(s)
check_circle Last 3 payslips of Applicant(s)
check_circle 3 months bank statement of Applicant(s)

Please note that failure to provide all of the above documentation may delay the application process.

Deposit required & Interest rate

New cars from Bassadone Motors
Best rate is 8% flat rate with only a 10% deposit (15% for PCP)

For Used Cars from Bassadone Motors 
Best rate is 8% flat rate with only a 15% deposit

Bassadone Motors small scooters
Require a £100 deposit

Honda Forza
Requires a minimum of £250 deposit

Forza 350 requires Fully Comprehensive insurance

Mototcycles over 350cc
Requires a minimum of £2,500 deposit and fully comprehensive insurance

For finance on all other motorbikes please call us

+350 200 44835 or +350 54 044 492

Frequently Asked Questions

  • attach_moneyDo you offer motorcycle finance?
    Yes, we offer finance on motorcycles sold by the Bassadone Group. Call us for more details. +350 200 44835
  • lock_openDo you offer unsecured personal loans?
    We only offer secured personal loans. This means that a vehicle is required to provide security, this vehicle must be no more than 10 years old at the end of the loan. The logbook of the vehicle will be transferred to the name of Bassadone Automotive Finance for the duration of the loan.
  • trending_upWhat are your interest rates?
    Rates start at 8%, please use our online calculator to see finance costs   Loan Calculator
  • attach_moneyDo I need a deposit?
    Usually a minimum deposit of 10% is requested, customers with deposits (including any part exchange) can benefit from lower finance rates; please use our calculator to see finance costs.   Loan Calculator
  • createWhen do I sign for the finance?
    You can sign your finance agreement any time after the final decision. Usually the finance is signed for when picking up your new vehicle from the Showroom.
  • redoCan I sell the vehicle?
    The vehicle can only be sold once the contract is settled. If you require to sell the vehicle you will need to contact BAF first and we will help.
  • access_timeHow long can I borrow the money for?
    The maximum term for a new car is 5 years with the Hire Purchase package or 3 years if you choose the Select Finance package. Scooter finance is over 2 years.
  • location_onI am resident in Spain but with employment in Gibraltar. Can I still apply?
    Yes, though all customers who take vehicles into Spain must have a Gibraltar ID card.
  • star_rateIf I pay a large deposit do I still need a guarantor and/or security vehicle?
    Guarantor's and security vehicles are dependent on individual circumstances.
  • access_timeHow long will I have to wait for a response to my application?
    Following receipt of all documentation a finance decision will be provided before the close of business on the following day. For online applications we provide a provisional decision immediately.   Loan Calculator
  • securityIs my personal data protected?
    We are committed to ensuring that we manage your personal data professionally and in compliance with all applicable data protection laws. Download Summary of our Policy
    View our Privacy Policy
  • assignmentWould I have to insure my vehicle Fully Comprehensive or could it be insured under Third Party Cover?
    All cars must be insured under Fully Comprehensive insurance for the full duration of the loan at a value agreed with BAF. Scooters can be insured 3rd party.
  • trending_downUpon renewal of my insurance can I lower the value at which my vehicle is insured?
    The value at which your vehicle is insured can be lowered when renewing your insurance; however it must always cover the balance remaining on the agreement. Before renewing please contact BAF and we can give you a minimum value at which the vehicle can be insured on.